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DNB front and rear derailleur. We have none in stock, but because of this derailleur's rarity, we thought its information woul be interesting..

Dai Nippon Bicycle of Japan made various copies of European derailleurs in the 1950s and 1960s. The set we have here looks like an interesting variation of the Huret "Svelto" derailleur. But looks can be deceiving. It is actually a quite original design.

The Svelto is a traditional deforming parallelogram, but this DNB changer uses a cam action to move the chain. Also, the Svelto pivots at the top pulley and this DNB pivots the wheels from the middle of the pulley cage.

The front changer is a push-rod, reminiscent of early Campagnolo Gran Sport.

DNB derailleurs are quite rare. We know of no American importer who specified DNBs. The few we have run into were on bikes American servicemen who had been stationed in Asia brought back to the U.S.

DNB derailleurs

Front and rear DNB derailleurs

DNB derailleurs

Another view of the DNB changers