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Components - Campagnolo modern front derailleurs: Spare parts

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Front derailleur parts on this page: 32.0mm black clamp | Record/Chorus Braze-on front derailleur body | Front derailleur fixing bolt & washer | Convert 9-speed derailleur to 10-speed insert | adaptor plate for QS Ergo | limit screws w/springs for circa 1994 Record | cable anchor washer | Pivot circlip

How to: Changing a Campagnolo clamp-on front derailleur to a braze-on and vice-versa

Campagnolo modern front derailleurs are posted here: Record | Record OR | Chorus | Racing T | Centaur | Daytona | Athena | Veloce | Mirage
Campagnolo vintage front derailleurs can be found here.

Black Campagnolo front derailleur 32.0mm clamp. $25.00

Campy front derailleur clamp

Need a new one or want to change your existing derailleur's mounting

Record/Chorus Braze-on front derailleur body. New, $65.00/each

Part# 75337

  • Campagnolo part# FD-RE201
  • This is just the body, without the springs or the binder bolt.
  • We have two in stock.
  • This body will not work on Centaur front derailleurs nor will a Centaur body work on Chorus/Record front derailleurs. They are just different enough to eliminate cross compatibility.

Record front derailleur body

It comes in a Campagnolo box.

Record-Chorus front derailleur body

Here is the part.

Rocrd Chorus front derailleur body

Here's a front view of the derailleur body.

Record Chorus front derailleur body

Here's the part (FD-RE201) in the Campagnolo catalogue.

Campagnolo front derailleur body

The back of the box with more info

Record/Chorus Braze-on derailleur fixing bolt & washer. New, $10.00/each set

Campagnolo part# FD-VL10

This bolt and washer bolts the front derailleur to the frame's front derailleur braze-on.

Front derailleur fixing bolt

Small in size but crucial in character.

Front derailleur fixing bolt

Front view

Campagnolo 10-speed conversion insert for front derailleur. New, $10.00

Part# 75435

Converts a 9-speed front derailleur to 10-speed spacing.

10-speed conversion insert

Campagnolo front derailleur adaptor plate for QS Ergo. New, $15.00

Part# 81156

Fronderailleur QS adaptor plate

Campagnolo Front derailleur limit screws w/springs for circa 1994 Record front derailleur. New, $25.00/pair

Campagnolo part# CAFD-RE004

  • These 2cm long screws are also compatible with Super Record front derailleurs
  • We have three pair in stock

Limit screws

Campagnolo front derailleur cable anchor washer. New, $5.00/each

Campagnolo part# CAFD-RE106

We have 9 in stock

Front derailleur cable ancor washer

Campagnolo front derailleur pivot circlip. New, $5.00/each

Campagnolo part# CAFD-VL103

We have 7 in stock

Front derailleur pivot circlip

Changing a Campagnolo clamp-on front derailleur to a braze-on and vice-versa.

To make the switch, all you need to do is follow our step-by-step pictures. Chorus and Record parts are interchangeable.

The steps we show here on a Record front derailleur hold true for Centaur/Veloce/Mirage, except they use a circlip to hold the cage and arms to the body.

Record front derailleur

Changing front derailleur mount

Record front derailleur

Changing front derailleur mount

Changing front derailleur mount

Changing front derailleur mount

The pieces are now ready to switch to produce the desired combination.