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Vintage Components - SunTour Front Derailleurs

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SunTour front derailleurs on this page: Superbe Pro 28.6 clamp-on | GXH triple top-pull | GX 31.8 clamp-on triple | MountTech | Cyclone MK-II clamp-on

SunTour Superbe Pro front 28.6mm (1 1/8") clamp-on derailleur. New old stock. $50.00

  • We have two, new in the box
  • Cannot be used on cranksets with inner chainrings smaller than 42 teeth. Works great on 42-52, 42-53 setups.

SunTour Superbe Pro front clamp-on derailleur

SunTour FD TPOO GXH top-pull 28.6 clamp-on triple front derailleur. New old stock, $50.00

This derailleur is made for 8-speed drive trains with a triple crankset.

We believe it dates from the late-1980s.

SunTour front GXH

New, in the box. Top pull, 28.6 clamp-on.

SunTour GX 31.8mm clamp-on triple front derailleur. New, $35.00

31.8mm clamp-on

GC trple clamp-on

Classic, clean SunTour design

Sun Tour GC derailleur

From the back

SunTour MounTech clamp-on front derailleur. Used, $40.00

  • SunTour part# FD-2700
  • This is version 1 (V1) of the Mountech
  • Produced from the early to the mid-1980s
  • 28.6mm clamp-on
  • Made for a triple front crankset

SunTour MountTech

This will handle a 20-tooth chainring difference.

Sun Tour Mountech front derailleur

And from the back

Suntour Cyclone MK-II front clamp-on derailleur.

  • SunTour part# FD-2300
  • Produced in the early 1980s, starting about 1981
  • 28.6mm clamp diameter
  • Will handle 18-tooth ring difference
  • Mechanics have found that this will throw a triple, keeping in mind the derailleur's 18-tooth chainring difference capacity.

We have two: New in box | Used, without clamp band

SunTour Cyclone MK-II front clamp-on derailleur new in box. New, $70.00

Cyclone Mark 2

It's all there, and it's all new.

Cyclone front derailleur

And from the back

SunTour Cyclone MK-II front derailleur, without clamp band. Used, $20.00

Need parts for your Cyclone derailleur, or is your derailleur worn? Here's an inexpensive way to get back on the road.

SunTour Cyclong front derailleur

Great condition.

SunTourfront derailleur

No clamp band, but otherwise a functioning derailleur.