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Spare parts for vintage Campagnolo rear derailleurs

On this page, Parts for Campagnolo vintage rear derailleurs: Nuovo Record (and others) long cage plates for wider-range gearing | Pulley wheels | 80/2 rear derailleur hanger

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Parts for modern Campagnolo rear derailleurs are posted here.

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Nuovo Record (and others) long cage plates for wider-range gearing, made by Soma. New, $50.00/set

Part# 75456

These cages were made to retrofit old Campy-equipped bikes and make them more practical. These beautiful replicas are based on the last-generation Campagnolo Rally long cages. They allow you to run up to a 32-tooth cog in the rear with a 38-tooth chain wrap capacity, depending on your dropouts.

These plates work with Nuovo Record, Super Record, Gran Sport and Rally models of the 1970's & 1980's. The finish is satin silver. They are not an exact match to Super Record, but they are nice, nonetheless.

Soma Longcage derailleur plates

Here are the plates.

Campagnolo log cage plates

Here are the plates flipped over.

Campagnolo Rally rear derailleur

For clarification, here is a first-generation Campagnolo Rally rear derailleur. They were produced in 1974 and 1975

Pulley wheels for Nuovo Record, Super Record (1st generation, that looks much like a Nuovo Record, but with Ti hardware), Gran Sport, Valentino, etc, made by Soma. New, $40.00/pair

Part# 75456

  • Note, these are aftermarket replica pulleys made by Soma.
  • These do not work on the second-generation Super Record derailleurs with their re-shaped, larger pulley cage.
  • We have one set in stock.

Soma pulley wheels

Campagnolo 80/2 derailleur hanger. Used, $15.00/each

If your frame doesn't have an integral hanger on the rear dropout, this is the part you need to mount a Campagnolo and most other rear derailleurs.

Campagnolo rear derailleur hanger

It includes the nut and bolt to mount the hanger on the dropout.

Campagnolo rear derailleur hanger

The flip side.