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Rear Derailleur Parts

On this page: Bullseye sealed bearing pulleys | Carmichael sealed bearing pulleys | Cartridge sealed bearing pulleys | SunTour pulley wheels | Tacx new blue sealed bearing pulley set | Tacx used cartridge-bearing pulley wheels for Campagnolo

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Bullseye rear derailleur sealed bearing pulley wheels.

We have two sets: #1 | #2

Bullseye rear derailleur sealed bearing pulley wheels set #1. Used, $75.00

Bullseye pulleys

An easy way to go a bit faster.

Bullseye pulley wheels directions

And here are the directions for installation and maintenance.

Bullseye rear derailleur sealed bearing pulley wheels set #2. Used, $40.00

Bullseye pulleys

With directions

Carmichael sealed cartridge bearing pulley wheels. New, $25.00

Carmichael derailleur pulleys

In their factory sealed package

Carmichael cartridge bearing pulleys

The bakc of the package with directions.

Cartridge sealed bearing pulleys. Used, $25.00

Apologies, we don't know who made these nicely machined derailleur pulleys.

Cartidge pulley wheels

SunTour factory replacement pulley wheels. New, $15.00 pair

Only the pulley wheels themselves are offered here, without the hardware.

SunTour pulley wheels

Tacx blue sealed bearing pulley set. New, $25.00/set

Part# 75477

This set will work on a wide range of modern derailleurs:

  • Campagnolo 8, 9 & 10-speed
  • Shimano 7 & 8 speed
  • SRAM 9.0 ('97,'98). 9.0SL ('98), 7.0 ('97, '98), 5.0 ('98, '99)

Tacx pulley set

New, in its factory package

Tacx pulleys

It comes with four different sets of adapters for different kinds of derailleurs.

Tacx sealed cartridge-bearing pulley wheels for Campagnolo. Used, $20.00/set

Tacx pulley wheels