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Vintage Components - Caimi & Everest freewheels
Caimi freewheels on this page: Caimi 5-speed 14-22

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Caimi and Everest freewheels were made by Gugliemo Caimi in the Milan suburb of Castano. It looks like the firm started making freewheels in the early 1960s. Those early ones (4 & 5-speed) had lockrings stamped "Brev Caimi". In the 1970s (we're pretty sure) the lockrings said "Caimi.

At some point the company re-branded its freewheels, labeling them "Everest". Caimi produced "Everest" freewheels and worked with the Vittorio Fossati firm which made and marketed "Everest" Chains.

There is no sign that Caimi is still in business and Fossati seems to have abandoned bicycle component production and makes industrial chains.

Caimi 5-speed 14-22 freewheel. Used, $75.00

This freewheel is 25mm wide

CAimi freewheel

There are not a lot of these around

Caimi Freewheel

From the back