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Vintage Components - French-threaded Cyclo Freewheels made in England

Cyclo French-threaded freewheels made in England on this page: Cyclo 14-26 5-speed

French-made Cyclo freewheels are posted here.

Albert Raimond started the French "Cyclo" company. It origins date back to the years just before the First World War. After Britain went off the gold standard in 1931 (the U.S. did the same in 1933) and imposed severe import restrictions, Raimond opened a factory in Birmingham in 1932. The British factory not only made freewheels, it also produced derailleurs and frame parts. The company ceased production in 1969. The name continues as a brand of cycle tools made by the British firm Weldtite.

Important: Do not try to mount a French-threaded freewheel on an British or Italian-threaded hub. It will start, but as it is screwed on it will bind and destroy the threads. Also, do not mount a British or Italian threaded freewheel on a French-threaded hub. It will screw on, but then slip under load.

French Freewheel threading: 34.7 x 1mm (1.366" x 25.4 TPI)
British freewheel threading: 1.37" x 24 tpi

French-threaded Cyclo 14-24 5-speed freewheel. Used, $60.00

  • This is a Type "B" freewheel. The meaning of the letter seems to have been lost, but some believe it stands for "Benelux".
  • This freewheel is 29mm wide.

Cyclo England freewheel

Top view

Cyclo freewheel

From the back

Cyclo freewheel

From another angle