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Vintage Components - French-made Cyclo French-threaded freewheels

Cyclo French-made, French-threaded freewheels on this page: Cyclo 14-26 5-speed

English-made French-threaded Cyclo freewheels are posted here.

Important: Do Not try to mount a French-threaded freewheel on an British or Italian-threaded hub. It will start, but as it is screwed on it will bind and destroy the threads. Also, do not mount a British or Italian threaded freewheel on a French-threaded hub. It will screw on, but then slip under load.

French Freewheel threading: 34.7 x 1mm (1.366" x 25.4 TPI)
British freewheel threading: 1.37" x 24 tpi

Note: There has been both a British and French Cyclo component company, both started by Albert Raimond. These freewheels are made in France.

Cyclo 5-speed 14-26 French-threaded freewheel. Used, $60.00

Current stock: #1 | #2

Cyclo 5-speed 14-26 French-threaded freewheel #1. Used, $60.00

Part# FW-15

Cyclo French-threaded freewheel

In great condition.

Cycle French-threaded freewheel

From the side

Cyclo freewheel

And from the back.

Cyclo 5-speed 14-26 French-threaded freewheel #2. Used, $60.00

Cyclo 5-speed freewheel

The front

Cyclo freewheel

And the back