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1/8" One-Speed Freewheels

1/8" One-Speed freewheels on this page: DNP 16-tooth | Leader 16-tooth | Main Drive 16-tooth | DNP 18-tooth | Leader 18-tooth

What we do when there is no way to use a freewheel tool to remove a freewheel.

Note: 1/8" is the width of true track chains and sprockets. A 3/32" or narrower derailleur chain will not work on a 1/8" sprocket.

DNP 16-tooth 1/8" one-speed freewheel. Used, $10.00

DNP 16-tooth freewheel

Indeed, it is a DNP freewheel.

DNP freewheel

And here's the other side. This is the side that should go out so that you can remove the freewheel for service.

Leader 16-tooth 1/8" one-speed freewheel. Used, $10.00

Leader one-speed freewheel

Side one

Leader Freewheel

And the flip side

Main Drive 16-tooth 1/8" one-speed freewheel. Used, $10.00

Man Drive 16-tooth freewheel

It uses the standard 4-prong remover

Main Drive freewheel

The back side

DNP 18-tooth 1/8" one-speed Cold-Forged freewheel. Used, $15.00

Cro-Moly steel

DNP Cold foreged freewheel

Side one

DNP 18-tooth freewheel

And the flip side

Leader 18-tooth 1/8" one-speed freewheel. Used, $10.00

Leader 18-tooth one-seed freewheel

For fun, here is a picture of what we have to do when the freewheel maker doesn't install notches or splines in the freewheel for a freewheel tool:


We have to take it apart to get the body off the hub, then re-assemble it.