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SunRace freewheels

SunRace freewheels on this page

6-speed: 14-28
7-speed: 13-30

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Taiwan firm SunRace began in 1972. Like other Taiwan firms of the era, it began as producer of entry-level parts. And like most other Taiwan companies, they improved their quality over time until now their production is very well-respected.

In 2000 SunRace acquired the venerable Sturmey-Archer 3-speed hub company. That acquisition gave SunRace a serious lever to enter the European market. Supplying the European market demanded even higher level specifications resulting in large investments in engineering and research and development.

SunRace 6-speed 14-28 freewheel. New, $25.00/each

Part# 55097

This freewheel is 33mm wide

SunRace freewheel

The cogs are made with the ramps needed for good shifting.

SunRace freewheel

Here's the back of the freewheel.

SunRace 7-speed 13-30 freewheel. New, $20.00/each

Part# 56140

  • This freewheel is 36mm wide
  • We have one in stock.

SunRace freewheel

Here's the freewheel.

SunRace freewheel

From the back.

SunRace freewheel

New, in the box.