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Vintage Components - Sachs Freewheels

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7-Speed: Aris 7-speed 12-21 | Aris 7-speed 12-24 | Aris 7-Speed 13-24
8-speed: Aris 8-speed 12-21 | Aris 8-speed 13-20 | Aris 8-speed 12-32

Sachs Freewheel bodies: 7-speed

Sachs Freewheel cogs: 13-tooth | 21-tooth | 24-tooth | 28-tooth | 30-tooth

In the 1990s the Sachs Aris freewheel was the go-to component of choice. Aris (Advanced Rider Index System) freewheels came in 6, 7 & 8-speed versions.

Sachs freewheels have a lubrication port that allows a mechanic to lube the freewheel body after removing the cogs. Further disassembly of the freewheel body is not necessary to lubricate the freewheel.

What was incredible was their extraordinary compatibility with the various indexed systems. They can generally be made to work on Campagnolo Syncro, Mavic, Shimano and Suntour Accushift systems. wrote:

The tooth profile, Sachs calls "RGS" for "Rapid Grip and Shift". Each of the teeth on the cogs are the same, and they are the same on all cogs in the set. The front of the tooth is machine beveled, to make it thin at the top, and thicker at the bottom. The top of each tooth has a V-shaped groove in it running lengthwise, then the back half of each tooth top is crimped, pushing the V on the back closed, and raising the tooth height slightly at the rear. A single, simple system.

The cogs are made of steel, that is hardened prior to being nickel plated, giving them a bright silver color. The 4 largest cogs have plastic spacers between them, the set of three weighs 8 grams. The 2nd, 3rd, or on an 8 speed freewheel, the 4th position cog thread onto the freewheel body. The 1st, or on an 8 speed F/W, 1st and 2nd position cog thread internally into the cog ahead of them in line. This threading of the first, or first and second cog, into the next is why the Sachs Aris freewheel can make an eight cog freewheel still fit, and work, on just a 130mm over lock nut dimensioned rear hub.

The outer cone race is forged of steel, that has four dimples pressed into the outside face to remove it, by turning it clockwise, with some difficulty. The cone race itself is ground and polished before it's given its Black color. The inner and outer body pieces are forged as a single piece of steel, with all races ground and polished, before they are given their black color. Beneath the outer cone race are thirty-one 3.0mm diameter steel ball bearings revolving in a polished cup race built as a part of the inner body piece.

Sachs Aris 7-speed 12-21 freewheel. Used. $60.00

Part# FW-50-02

Sachs 7-speed 12-21 freewheel

Almost no wear on this beauty (if a freewheel can be called a beauty)

Sachs Aris 12-21 Freewheel

It looks just as good from the side.

Sachs Aris 7-speed 12-24 freewheel. Used

We have two: #1 | #2

Sachs Aris 7-speed 12-24 freewheel #1. Used. $60.00

Part# FW-52-03

Sachs Aris freewheel

It will even come with a box.

Sachs Aris freewheels


Sachs Aris 7-speed 12-24 freewheel #2. Used. $60.00

Sachs Aris freewheel

Side view

Sachs freewheel

Top view

Sachs 7-speed freewheel

Here's the back of the freewheel.

Sachs Aris 7-speed 13-24 freewheel. Lightly used. $60.00

Part# FW-51-02

This freewheel is 38mm wide

Sachs Aris freewheel

Top view

Sachs freewheel

Side view.

Sachs Aris 8-speed 12-21 Freewheel. New, $80.00

We have two: #1 | #2

Sachs Aris 8-speed 12-21 Freewheel #1. New, $80.00

Part# 55135

Sachs Aris 8-speed freewheel

Still new, after all these years.

Sachs Aris 8-speed 12-21 Freewheel #2. New, $80.00

Part# 55135-2

Sachs Aris 8speed 12-21 freewheel

Sachs Aris 8-speed 13-20 Freewheel. New, $80.00

Part# 55126

Teeth: 13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20

Sachs 13-20 freewheel

Sachs Aris 8-speed 12 - 32 freewheel. New, $100.00/each

Part# 55131

  • Cog progression: 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 32

Sachs freewheel

New, in the box.

Sachs Aris freewheel

Info on the side of the box

Sachs freewheel

Just out of the box.

Sachs 8-speed freewheel

Out of its protective packaging

Sachs Aris freewheel

Side view

Sachs Aris freewheel

The back of the freewheel

Sachs Aris sealed 7-speed freewheel body. New, $60.00

Part# 56460

Sachs freewheel body

Nice and new

Sachs 13-tooth cog. Used, $15.00/each

Sachs 13-tooth cog


Sachs 13-tooth cog

And flipped over

Sachs 21-tooth cog. Used, $15.00/each

Sachs 21-tooth cog

Sachs 24-tooth cog. Used, $15.00/each

Sachs 24-tooth cog

Sachs 28-tooth cog. Used, $15.00/each

Sachs 28-tooth cog

Side one.

Sachs Freewheel Cog

Side two

Sachs 30-tooth cog. Used, $15.00/each

Sachs 30-tooth cog

Here's one side

Sachs freewheel cog

And here's the cog turned over.