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Vintage Components - Shimano Santé Freewheels

Shimano Santé freewheels on this page: 7-speed 12-24

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Shimano intended Santé components to sit between Dura Ace and Ultegra, a semi-pro group offered for a reasonable price.

Shimano produced Santé freewheels in the late 1980s, perhaps only during 1987 and 1988. To the best of our knowledge, Shimano made only 7-speed Santé freewheels (and groups), and they were the only 7-speed freewheel Shimano made.

Santé freewheels are said to be made with a Dura-Ace bodies and cogs finished to the Santé level. Shimano thought it cheaper to use an existing high-quality body rather than tool up a special one for this limited production.

At its release, and even to this day, Santé is regularly dismissed as components for pretentious riders. This is simply wrong, the group was filled with innovations that would be soon used throughout the rest of Shimano's line. It is well-designed and well-made equipment.

Santé freewheels are index-compatible

Shimano Santé 7-speed 12-24 freewheel. Used, $90.00

  • This freewheel is 34mm wide.
  • It is an index-compatible freewheel.
  • Shimano part# MF-5000

Shimano Sante freewheel

Top view

Shimano Sante freewheel

From a very slightly different angle

Shimano Sante freewheel

The back of the freewheel.