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Bianchi Brava handlebars, 31.8mm bar diameter

On this page: Bianchi Brava handlebars: 40cm | 42cm

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These bars were original equipement on Bianchi Brava road bikes. They are new. They have no maker logos beyond a size stamp and part number.

They are front-grooved for brake cables.

Bianchi Brava handlebars, 40cm x 31.8 stem diameter. New, $45.00

Part# bianchi-u-24

These bars are 40cm, measured center to center.

We have four in stock

Bianchi Brava handlebar

New, with only a little tape glue residue

Bianci Brava handlebars

Center section, showing that a stem has not yet been mounted on these bars.

Bianchi Brava handlebars, 42cm x 31.8 stem diameter. New, $45.00

Part# bianchi-u-21

These bars are 42cm, measured center to center.

Bianchi Brava handlebars

Thoough these bars have been taped, they are unridden.

Handlebar center section

Center section. The 44cm written on here is the bar's end-to-end measurement.