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Vintage Components - GB Handlebar

On this page: GB handlebars: 40cm center-to-center | 40cm end-to-end | 39cm end-to-end

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GB stands for Gerry Burgess, not Great Britain, as so many of us baby/bike boomers thought. GB products were regularly used on British-made bikes such as Raleigh that were exported to the U.S.

Burgess began making bicycle components just after the Second World War. Early production did not measure up to the quality of continental manufacturers, but in a few years, GB had a wide range of decent parts.

The company made both sidepull and centerpull brakes, stems, bars and toe clips.

The GB Synchron brake was ahead of its time. It was probably the first dual-pivot caliper. After GB went out of business, the German Altenburger company made it for a few years.

GB went out of business sometime in the 1980s.

GB “Britannia” handlebars, 25.4 x 40cm center-to-center. Used, $150.00/each

GB handlebars

Front view

GB handlebars

From behind, showing the ribbon embossments.

GB handlebar

Close-up of the left side embossment.

GP handlebars

The right side.

GB handlebar

Side view

GB handlebars, 25.4 x 40cm end-to end. Used, $75.00

Part# GB-bar-40-48

  • These bars have the much-desired ribbon embossments (picture two)
  • They been drilled for fingertip cables (bottom picture).
  • They have a drop of about 140mm.

GB handlebars

We think these were made sometime in the mid to late '60s. But it's hard to be sure.

GB handlebar

The center section, showing the ribbon embossing.

GB Handlebar

Back of the center section

GB handlebar

The bar was drilled on both sides for fingertip shifter.

GB handlebars, 25.4 x 39cm end-to end. Used, $75.00

Part# GB-bar-40-48

These bars have a drop of about 150mm

We'll post a picture as soon as we can.