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Vintage Components - ITM Bianchi E5 handlebar

On this page: ITM Bianchi E5 handlebars: 40cm | 42cm nearly new | 42cm used

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Italian component and frame maker ITM began as Italmanubri (italian handlebar) and renamed itself ITM in the early 1980s.

ITM Bianchi E5 handlebars:

  • Bar clamp size: 25.4mm
  • Double grooved
  • Bars are measured end-to-end
  • Anatomic bend
  • Made for Bianchi by ITM

ITM Bianchi E5 40cm x 25.4 black. New $74.99

Part# 30394

ITM Bianchi E5 handlebars

Anatomic with a short horizontal portion on the drops. Double grooved.

ITM Bianchi E5 handlebars

Close-up of the center section.

ITM Bianchi E5 42cm x 25.4 black. Almost new $64.99/each

Part# itm-bianchi-e5-42-u29

  • These bars are nearly new.
  • We have two in stock

ITM Bianchi E5 handlebars

Double grooved for Ergopower

Bianchi E5 handlebar

Center section barely shows marks from stem.

Back of center section

Back of the center section

ITM Bianchi E5 42cm x 25.4 black. used $54.99

Part# itm-bianchi-e5-42-u30

ITM Bianchi E5 handlebar

The tape residue will be covered with new tape, of course.

ITM Bianchi E5 handlebars

Center section

Bianchi E5 handlebar

Back of the center section