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Philippe handlebars

On this page: Philippe Franco-Italia handlebar: 39cm

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ATAX was a company based at Oullins in the industrial suburbs of Lyon in southern France. They produced stems and bars under the names ATAX and Philippe, the latter being the more up-market brand. Some Philippe models of stems and bars were also produced for the Spidel collaboration of Maillard, Simplex, Stronglight and ATAX in the '70s.

For the detail-minded, Atax is the ancient Roman name for the Aude river that flows out of the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean.

We believe ATAX is no longer in business

Philippe Franco-Italia D352 handlebar, 39cm x 25.0 clamp diameter. Used, $60.00

Part# philippe-FI-49

We believe this bar was produced in the 1970s

39cm end-to end, 25.0mm clamp diameter

One bar end is slightly flattened.

Philippe Franco Italia

Classic French road bend

Center section

Center section

Philippe handlebars

Back of the center section


Close-up of the the damaged bar end.

Philippe bars

Another view of the bar's damaged end.