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SR - Sakae Ringyo handlebars

On this page: 45cm Anatomic Custom

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Despite its dominance in the mid-1980s, SR (Sakae Ringyo) has left only a faint historical footprint. It looks like the firm began in the mid-1960s. As Japanese bikes began to dominate the American consumer market in the 1970s, it seemed that most of the bikes were SR crank-equipped. The firm earned it business. From the least expensive to the top-of-the-line, SR cranks, stems and handlebars were well-made.

Hammered by Shimano's market dominance, the once powerful SR was acquired by Mori industries in 1987. The next year, the new SR purchased another formerly mighty Japanese component maker, SunTour. The resulting firm was renamed SR-SunTour.

In 1994, faced by ever-declining sales, Mori contemplated closing the firm. Instead, it was purchased by management and now SR and SunTour parts are made in Taiwan.

SR 45cm Custom Anatomic bend. Used, $35.00

  • 45cm end-to-end width
  • Anatomic bend made under license from Modolo, the owner of the design patent.
  • Single groove in front of bar
  • 25.8mm diameter

SR Modolo Anatomic bend

Note the drops have a slightly straightened anatomic section

SR handlebars

The center section