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Campagnolo bicycle headset parts

Campagnolo headset parts on this page: Record/Chorus '95-'96 1" lock nut | Record '97-'07 1" fork crown race | C-Record/Pista 1" upper pressed-in race | Record 1" lower cup | Record 1" lower cup with Greaseport ports | Record 1" bottom cup greaseport seal | '97 Record/Chorus 1" headset lower seal | Pista 1" top threaded race | Veloce 1" fork crown race | Mirage 1" Fork Crown race | Mirage 1" lower cup

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Campagnolo Record/Chorus '95-'96 1-inch headset lock nut. New, $50.00

Campagnolo part# HS-RE001

Headset lock nut

Top view

C-Record headset crown nut

And here it is flipped over.

Campagnolo Record '97-'07 1-inch fork crown race. New, $50.00

Part# 33207

  • Campagnolo part# CAHS-RE008
  • We have 4 in stock

Campagnolo Record fork crown race

This is the race that sits on the fork crown

Campagnolo Record headset crown race

Campagnolo 1-inch C-Record/Pista upper pressed-in race. New, $50.00

Part# 33241

  • Campagnolo part# CAHS-P1004
  • We have two in stock
  • This race from the 1990s will work in either C-Record or Pista headsets.

C-Reord upper race

Campagnolo 1-inch Record lower cup. New, $50.00

We have two in stock

Campagnolo record headset

Campagnolo 1-inch Record lower cup with Greaseport ports. New. $50.00

Part# 33236

  • Campagnolo part# CAHS-OR009
  • Produced 1994 - 2006(?)
  • We have three in stock.
  • The cup has four holes (two can be seen in the picture) that allow a mechanic to inject grease into the headset. While this particular feature we discontinued, this cup remains interchangeable with many record headset without this feature.
  • We have the protective Greaseguard sealing bands for this cup in stock.

Record lower cup

Campagnolo Record 1-inch headset bottom cup greaseport seal. New, $12.00/each

Part# 33300

  • Campagnolo part# CAHS-OR005
  • We have 3 in stock

Greaseport seal

Campagnolo 1997 Record/Chorus 1-inch headset lower seal. New, $12.00/each

Part# 33239

  • Campagnolo part# CAHS-RE006
  • We have 2 in stock

Headset seal

Campagnolo Pista 1-inch top threaded race. New, $50.00

Part# 33234

  • We have six in stock
  • We date this to 1994 - 1998
  • Campagnolo made only one track headset during this period and it was Record quality
  • 1" x 24 tpi (British/ISO threads)

Pista threaded top race

Top view

Prista threaded race

And here's an underside

Campagnolo Veloce 1-inch fork crown race. New, $30.00

Part# 33214

  • Campagnolo part# HS-V1005
  • We have five in stock

Veloce 1-inch fork crown crace

Campagnolo Mirage 1-inch headset fork crown race. New, $20.00

Part# 33213

  • Campagnolo part# CAHS-M1004
  • We have 5 in stock

Mirage fork crown race

Campagnolo Mirage 1-inch headset lower cup. New, $25.00

Part# 63397

  • Campagnolo part# CAHS-AT004
  • We have 13 in stock

Mirage lower cup