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Dia-Compe threadless (Aheadset) Headsets

On this page: 1 1/4" AheadSet

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"AheadSet" is the trademarked name for a threadless headset design patented by Cane Creek. While the patent expired in 2010 and other companies are free to make headsets of this design, the trademark registration is still in force and to the best of our knowledge, only Dia-Compe & Cane Creek can call its threadless headsets "AheadSet".

Dia-Compe 1 1/4" AheadSet. Used, $60.00/each

Look at the size of the lower cup. It’s steel – designed to take a thrashing!

Dia Compe Aheadset

Side view

Dia Compe AheadSet

Here's what's inside.