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On this page: Mavic 305 headset

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Mavic was started in 1890, the first products being bicycle mud guards. In 1920, the firm was purchased by Henri Gourmand, who began making rims out of aluminum, still Mavic's iconic product. In 1978 Mavic was making 4,000 rims a day, estimated to be 65 percent of the world market.

In 1977 Mavic began making hubs and from there branched into other components, including brakes, bottom brackets, cranksets and pedals. Many of the parts demonstrated striking originality and brilliant design.

Mavic 305 headset, for 1" steerer, English threads. Used, $120.00

  • For 25.4mm/1" steerer
  • 24 threads per inch (standard ISO, JIS & Italian)
  • Came with ZAP group

Mavic 305 headset

The usual superb Mavic design and execution.

Mavic headset

Side view. It has been in and out of a bike.

Mavic headset

Another side view

Mavic 305 headset

And one last view