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Specialized Headsets

Specialized headsets on this page: Alloy Pro 1 1/8" threaded | Steel 1" threaded

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Specialized Alloy Pro 1 1/8" threaded headset. New, $100.00/each

Part# 33132

Specialized Alloy Pro headset

Beautiful and new

Specilized headset

Here are the parts laid out.

Specialized headset

The headset is new, in the box.

Specialized headset

Here are some specs.

Specialized 1" threaded steel headset.

We have two: #1 | #2

  • Produced in the 1980s
  • 41mm stack height
  • Rubber seals to help keep out moisture and dirt.
  • 26.4mm fork crown race

Specialized 1" threaded steel headset#1. Lightly used, $40.00

Secialized headset

Not unlike a Campagnolo headset of the era.

Specialized headset

Lightly used. Many more miles left in this headset.

Specialized 1" threaded steel headset #2. Lightly used, $35.00

1"x 26.4 x 30.2 (Standard 1" threaded headset dimensions)

This headset is slightly brinelled.

Specialized headset

Classic chrome steel headset

Specialized headset

Side view

Specialized headset

Here are the bearing surfaces showing the slight brinelling.