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Tange bicycle headsets

Tange headsets on this page: IRD Durall 1" threaded | G-Master 1" Tapered Roller bearing | Tange Levin 1" threaded | Original 1" threaded | Steel 1" threaded | Seiki Passage 1" w/27.0 fork crown race

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Tange IRD Durall silver 1" threaded sealed bearing headset. New, $90.00

Part# 33023

  • Made from 7075 aluminum
  • Fully sealed mechanism
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • 35.3mm stack height

Tange headset

New, and in its factory package

Tange headset

And the headset's insides.

Tange G (Gyro) Master Taper Roller Bearing 1" threaded headset. Lightly used, $65.00/each

Produced in the 1980s.

Tabge G Mastr headset

In wonderful condition

Tange G-Master headset

Side view

Tange headset

A look at the insides of the headset

Tange headset

Here's everything.

Tange Seiki Levin 1" threaded headset #5. Used, $25.00/each

  • Upper race shows damage, but runs smooth
  • 1" X 24 TPI

Tange Seiki Levin headset

From the side

Tange headset

Top view

Tange headset

Here ar the bearing surfaces, including the top race showing the blemish in the bearing surface.

Tange Original 1" threaded steel headset. New, $20.00

Part# 33125

A classic, simple, well-made headset.

Tange Original headset

New, in the box.

Tange Original headset

The insides. Functional, simple.

Tange steel 1" threaded headset. Used, $20.00

26.4mm fork crown race, the standard size for 1" headsets

Tange 1-inch steel headset

This will get that fixie on the road.

Tange headset

The insides look pretty good.

Tange Seiki Passage 1" threaded headset with 27.0 fork crown race. New, $15.00/each

Part# 33097

We have four in stock

Tange Seiki Passage headset

You aren't paying for fancy packaging with this headset.

Tange Seiki Passage headset

Comes with a tall spacing washer to raise your handlebars.

Tange Seiki Passage headset

A close-up of all the parts.