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Tange bicycle headsets

Tange headsets on this page: IRD Durall 1" threaded | Original 1" threaded | Steel 1" threaded | Seiki Passage 1" w/27.0 fork crown race | SE-2 30mm cups w/27.0 fork crown race

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Tange IRD Durall silver 1" threaded sealed bearing headset. New, $90.00

Part# 33023

  • Made from 7075 aluminum
  • Fully sealed mechanism
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • 35.3mm stack height

Tange headset

New, and in its factory package

Tange headset

And the headset's insides.

Tange Original 1" threaded steel headset. New, $20.00

Part# 33125

A classic, simple, well-made headset.

Tange Original headset

New, in the box.

Tange Original headset

The insides. Functional, simple.

Tange steel 1" threaded headset. Used, $20.00

26.4mm fork crown race, the standard size for 1" headsets

Tange 1-inch steel headset

This will get that fixie on the road.

Tange headset

The insides look pretty good.

Tange Seiki Passage 1" threaded headset with 27.0 fork crown race. New, $15

Part# 33097

We have four in stock

Tange Seiki Passage headset

You aren't paying for fancy packaging with this headset.

Tange Seiki Passage headset

Comes with a tall spacing washer to raise your handlebars.

Tange Seiki Passage headset

A close-up of all the parts.

Tange SE-2 steel headset, 30mm cups with 27.0 fork crown race. New, $15

Part# 33126

27.0mm fork crown races and 30.0mm cups are found on older Asian bikes built to JIS standards.

Tange SE-2 headset

New, in the box.

Tange SE-2 headset

The individual parts