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Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) Headsets

Wilderness Trail bikes (WTB) headsets on this page: 1 1/8" headset cups

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Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB) was founded in in 1982 in Marin Country, California, where mountain bikes were born. The firm was begun by mountain bike pioneers Charlie Cunningham, Steve Potts and Mark Slate.

WTB began by making components for the founders' own bike brands. As the company grew, its designs and products have been used by Specialized, Blackburn, SunTour and Trek, among others.

WTB 1 1/8" headset cups. Used, $15.00/pair

WTB headset cups

View one One cup comes with bearings. The other doesn't

WTB headset cups

The cups flipped over.