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Cycle Components - Zeus headsets

On this page: Zeus 2000 1" threaded headset

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Zeus was a Spanish bicycle and component maker with a long history. Founded in 1926, the company was headquartered in Eibar, northeast Spain, in bike-mad Basque country. Zeus was one of the few companies to make both bikes and components.

Zeus parts were produced in a wide performance range, from reasonably inexpensive parts to the most exotic. Some were shameless copies of Campagnolo parts and others showed striking design originality. All of it was, however, truly well-made.

It looks like Zeus ceased operations in 1989. Spanish company Orbea bought the rights to the name, but Orbea does not look to have produced Zeus-named product since 2009.

Zeus 2000 1" threaded headset. Lightly used, $150.00/each

  • 1"x 26.4 TPI, BSC threading and sizing.
  • The wonderfully designed and made Zeus 2000 group was released in 1975.

Zeus 2000 headset

Side view

Zeus 2000 headset

Here are the headset's insides

Zeus 2000 headset

A different look at the bearing surfaces.