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Headsets - Various

On this page: Silver alloy 1" threaded | Tien Hsin Black 1" threaded

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The headsets on this page just don't fit anywhere else on our site, so they ae grouped here. Dig in.

Silver alloy 1" x 27.0 headset. Used, $25.00/each

  • 37mm Stack height
  • 27.0mm fork crown race (the usual for 1" headsets)
  • We don't know who made this headset.

Alloy 1-inch headset

The outsides of the headset

Alloy headset

Here are the bearing surfaces

Tien Hsin Black 1" threaded headset. Used, $15.00

Lock nut is made by FSA

Tien Hsin headset

Side view

Tien-Hsin headset

The insides. The retainer missing a bearing will be repaired before the headset is shipped.