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Headsets - Various

On this page: Gold 1" threaded | Galli Super Sport Steel | Tien Hsin Black 1" threaded

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The headsets on this page just don't fit anywhere else on our site, so they ae grouped here. Dig in.

Gold sealed-bearing 1" threaded headset. New, $60.00

  • We don't know who made this beautiful headset.
  • This headset was removed from a new frameset and never ridden.

Gold Headset

It is new, but we don't know who made it.

Gold headset

The insides.

Galli Super Sport 1" threaded headset. $95.00

Part# HD-05

This is a classic, simple steel threaded 1" headed made by the Italian Giovanni Galli company in the mid-1980s. The Galli firm started making bike parts in the 1930s, but really hit the big time in the 1980s. The Galli component line extended from the semi-pro level (Super Sport) to the most exotic titanium super-lightweight parts. Top pros such as Herman van Springel raced on Galli parts. But like so many European firms, they were unable to withstand the onslaught of Asian production. Galli closed its doors in 1989.

Galli Super Sport headset

A classic, steel threaded headset

Galli steel headset

Close-up of the raised Galli name

Tien Hsin Black 1" threaded headset. Used, $15.00

Lock nut is made by FSA

Tien Hsin headset

Side view

Tien-Hsin headset

The insides. The retainer missing a bearing will be repaired before the headset is shipped.