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Gipiemme bicycle hubs

Gipiemme bicycle hubs this page: 36-hole Sprint hubset

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Gipiemme is a well-established component maker that was started in Milan in 1964. Early on the firm had the ability to make very high-quality parts and was soon working as a job shop making parts for Campagnolo. The company moved to Loria near Vicenza in the the Veneto region in 1974.

Like many Italian firms, the company's name is a series of letters pronounced in Italian, in this case GPM. The story is that the company is named after the "Gran Premio della Montagna", or the summit of a race in the mountains that has a special prize.

Under its Gipiemme brand the company made a range of very fine components that were quite comparable to Campagnolo for slightly less money. Gipiemme seemed to really do well in the 1980s. In the early-mid 1980s, instead of making their own derailleurs, they re-branded Simplex production. They parted company with Simplex in 1987 and might have had Campagnolo make their gear changers until the early 1990s.

Unlike so many European component and bike makers of the 60s, 70s and 80s, Gipiemme is still in business.

Gipiemme Sprint 36-hole hubset. Used, $130.00/set of front & rear hubs

  • The races in this hubset are smooth.
  • The rear hub is 126mm wide
  • Produced in the 1980s

Gipiemme hubset

The set. Sprint hubs can be identified by the circlip holding the skewer lever in place instead of a nut. Like Campagnolo Tipo versus Record.

Gipiemme Sprint hub

The rear hub.

Gipiemme Sprint hub

The hub's drive side.

Gipiemme Sprint rear hub

Close-up end view of the hub's non-drive side.

Gipiemme Sprint rear hub

Center of the Sprint rear hub.

Gipiemme front hub

The front hub

Gipiemme Sprint front hub

End view of the front hub

Gipiemme Sprint front hub

The other side of the hub.

Gipiemme Sprint front hub

Center section of the front hub.