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Nakano Air Hubs

Nakano Air Pump Hubs on this page: 36-hole front | 36-hole x 130mm rear

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Nakano Air Hubs are a wonderful invention. The hub acts as a small air pump. A tube from the hub to the tube valve stem keeps the tire continuously inflated to 95 PSI.

Here's the explanation from the Nakano Iron Works in Japan:

Being a specialist of bicycle hubs, we have been always monitoring the customer's opinions and noticed that the most important factor that the cyclists are worried about is a flat tire. We have come to know through our investigation that most of the cyclists ride a bike with tires of air pressure at 1.8atm in average in spite of the required 3.0atm.

Less air pressure causes a flat tire, but leakage of the air is inevitable as long as rubber is used inside the tire. An idea to keep pumping the air while riding a bike has flashed into my mind and it seems better to make such a mechanism rather than waiting for a rubber maker to produce leakless tubes.

After spending a lot of time, we have finally developed a hub continuously supplying the tire with the air while cycling.

Nakano Air Hub

Here's a Nakano Air Hub installed with its air hose going from the hub to the valve stem.

Nakano Air Pump Front 36-hole Hub. New, $70.00 each

Part# 52045

Nakano front air hub

Here's the hub with its hose and valve connector

Nakano front air hub

Just the Air Hub

Nakano Air Hub

Side view

Nakano Air Pump Rear 36-hole Hub, 130mm. New, $70.00/each

Part# 52046

Nakano Air Hub

Hub, hose and connectors, it's all there.

Nakano Air Hub

Side view of just the hub

Nakano Air Hub

Here's the other side

Nakano Air Hub

Top view

Nakano Air Hub

Another close-up