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Vintage Components - Legnano hubs made by Campagnolo

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Legnano-Campagnolo hubs on this page: Front high-flange 36-hole

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In the early 1960s Campagnolo was putting bike makers' logos on their hubs. Among the factories that enjoyed this privilege were Legnano, Frejus and Bianchi. Other well-known European component makers such as Gnutti, Atom and Magistroni also put bike makers' logos on their parts. This was also happening in the U.S. as parts makers lined up to supply Schwinn with "Schwinn Approved" parts.

There is a story told that a big race was won using Campagnolo hubs with a bike maker's name on them. Tullio Campagnolo was so distraught that he never again put another company's brand on his components.

Legnano-Campagnolo Record 36-hole front hub with. Used, $250.00

Legnano-Campagnolo front hub

In beautiful condition

Campagnolo REcord hub

The skewer is branded "Campagnolo".

Campagnolo Legnano hub

From the side.