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O.M.A.S. hubs

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The O.M.A.S. company was started in 1960 in Bologna, Italy, as a job shop for the famed Weber carburetor company. Two years later the company began began making parts for Ruota Amadori, a maker of high-performance magnesium alloy wheels for motorcycles and cars. The Amadori firm was acquired by Campagnolo, which led to OMAS's producing parts for Campagnolo as well. OMAS made titanium bolts and axles for the Campagnolo Super Record group.

The OMAS-Campagnolo relationship lasted until 1977.

Given OMAS's expertise in producing components in exotic alloys, it wasn't long before the company began making bicycle parts on its own. The project started at the request of cyclists who wanted lighter, yet still reliable components. OMAS began designing and testing parts in 1974, and in 1975 started making some light alloy lightening pieces for bikes. From there, OMAS went on to making hubs, headsets, cranksets, bottom brackets and bottle cages.

The products were deservedly well-received. They were beautifully designed and made. They gave superb, reliable service

The firm has since folded. We can find no sign of the company after the mid-1980s.

Omas 36-hole Big Sliding front hub with cartridge bearings. Used, $100.00

Omas front hub

No one made better parts.

Omas front hub

Here's an end view

Omas front hub

And from the other side