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Specialty bicycle hubs

Specialty bicycle hubs this page: Hub for two freewheels with left-handed & right-handed freewheel threads | Rear hub for freewheel and disc brake

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This page is for special-purpose hubs that do not fit in the standard manufacturer's listing on our site

Hub for two freewheels, 126mm x 36 hole with left-handed & right-handed freewheel threads. Used, $50.00/each

Over the years there have been various bikes made with lever arms instead of round cranksets to drive a bike. We believe this hub was made for one such bike, though we cannot say this with metaphysical certainty.

This hub takes two freewheels, but one side needs a freewheel with left-handed threads so that the pressure from the left chain (normal non-drive side) works to tighten the freewheel against the hub.

We do not know who made this hub nor if its current spacing is according to original factory specs.

Dual sided-hub

You will not see one of these hubs every day.

Dual sided hub

Close-up of one side of the hub.

Specialty hub

Here's the other side.

Rear hub for freewheel and disc brake, 32-hole x 135mm. Used, $20.00/each

  • We do not know who made this nicely finished hub.
  • Hub has been overhauled.

Bicycle hub

Straight-on view

Specialty hub

Here's the drive side

Hub for freewheel and disc

Here's the disc-mount side, also showing the fresh grease from the overhaul.