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Torelli hubs & hub parts

On this page: Torelli 36-hole Flip-Flop hubset | Torelli Red Modular 32-hole Campagnolo hubs | Torelli Modular Hub Campagnolo cassette body

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Torelli Flip-Flop hub set, 36-hole - New. $199.99

Flip-Flop hubs allow the mounting of a single-speed freewheel on one side and a fixed-gear cog with lock-ring on the other.

  • By flipping the wheel one can switch from one mode to the other.
  • This set has sealed bearings.
  • Rear hub spacing is 120mm.

Torelli pink flip hub set

As with all Torelli products, the finish is beautiful.

Torelli flip-flop rear hub

Close-up of the dual-sided rear hub

Torelli flip front hub

And the front hub.

Torelli Modular hubset, 32-hole, red, Campagnolo compatible. New, $550.00

  • Note: These hubs cannot be radially laced. This will void all warranties.
  • The sealed bearings are completely replaceable
  • The cassette body simply slides off the hub for service or replacement

The hubs are available separately: Rear | Front

Torelli hubset

Here's the hubset

Torelli red 32-hole Campagnolo 130mm, 9-12-speed rear hub. New, $350.00

Torelli modular rear hub

Here's a close-up of the rear hub.

Torelli Modular hub

End view of the hub.

Torelli red 32-hole front hub. New, $200.00

Torelli red front hub

Hand made in Italy, hand-assembled in Oregon.

Torelli Modular Hub - Campagnolo cassette body. New, $80.00

Part# 52166

  • Campagnolo 9/10-speed compatible
  • Comes with lock-ring
  • Cassette body slides off hub for easy change/replacement

Torelli Campagnolo cassette body

Lock ring is included

Torelli modular hub cassette body

From the back