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Lyotard pedals on this page: Lyotard 136R

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About the Lyotard company:

Pierre Lyotard started his pedal company in the early 1920s. What might be his first product was the Marcel Berthet platform pedal. Marcel Berthet was a famous racer of the early 20th century.

The pedal was comfortable and the design so good that Lyotard produced it into the 1980s. Several companies, including MKS and SR, made copies of it.

Lyotard platform pedals

A late-production set of Lyotard platform pedals. They do require toe clips and straps to work.

During the 60s, 70s and 80s Lyotard produced functional, lower-priced pedals for both bike factories and the aftermarket.

Hammered by rising Asian production, lack of a good mountain-bike pedal and a failure to produce a clipless pedal, Lyotard went out of business sometime in the late 1980s.

Lyotard 136R pedals. Used

A used set without clips.
Two sets with clips & strap, $80.00/set. #1 | #2
One set without clips, missing dust caps

They are a great pedal for restoration of classic road bikes of the 1970s.

Lyotard 136R pedal set without clips. Used, $40.00

Lyotard pedals

In great condition after all these years

Lyotard pedals

Top view

Lyotard 136R pedal set with clips & straps #1. Used, $80.00

  • This picture is of one of what is a pair of pedals.

Lyotard pedals

Lyotard 136R pedal set with clips & straps #2. Used, $80.00

Lyotard pedals

From the top

Lyotard pedals

And from the bottom

Lyotard 136R pedal set without clips or dust caps. Used, $30.00

Lyotard pedals

Lyotard pedals

Another view of the pedals without dust covers.