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Vintage Components - MKS pedals

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MKS (official name Mikashima Industrial Company, LTD) was started in 1949 in Saitama, Japan. Though cyclists know about the firm because of its first-class pedals, only about half of MKS's production is devoted to bicycle parts. The other half goes to the automotive industry.

MKS has made pedals for other firms, most notably, the beautiful ones they made for SunTour.

Though many high-end Japanese bicycle companies did not survive the combination of the Shimano onslaught and the movement of much cycle production to lower-cost China, MKS is still cranking out great pedals today.

MKS Sylvan quill road pedal set. Used

The Sylvan pedal was intended to be a copy of the classic Campagnolo pedal. The Sylvan was made in both road and track versions. Like the Campagnolo pedals, the cages are riveted to the pedal body, even though MKS was quite capable of producing one-piece pedals like their AR-1 and AR-2 models.

To complete the similarity, the dust covers can be removed with a Campagnolo pedal tool.

This is a perfect way to give that fixed-gear bike a great retro-look with a fine pedal without breaking the bank.

We have two sets: #1 | #2

MKS Sylvan quill pedal set #1. Used, $55.00

MKS Sylvan pedals

With MKS leather covered toe clips.

MKS Sylvan

Pedal bottoms

Sylvan Quill right pedal

Close-up of the right pedal

MKS Sylvan quill pedal set #2. Used, $40.00

Sylvan quill pedals

Top view. The quills have been filed down. Big riders with wide feet often resorted to this modification. The left pedal quill broke a result. This will not affect the pedal's performance.

MKS Sylvan pedals

Bottom view

Sylvan Quill pedal

Close-up of the left pedal

MKS AR-1 quill pedal set. Used, $25.00

  • Produced in the 1980s
  • Chromoly steel axle
  • Aluminum cage

MKS AR-1 pedals

Classic, well-made quill pedals

MKS AR-1 pedals

Bottom view. Just as nice

MKS AR-1 pedal

Close-up of the left pedal

MKS AR-2 quill pedal set. Used, $20.00

  • Produced in the 1980s
  • one-piece aluminum body
  • Chromoly steel axle

MKS AR-2 pedals

These appear to be later production pedals with aluminum dust caps. Early AR-2's had black plastic dust caps.

MKS AR2 pedals

Note the cages are not riveted to the pedal body, they are part of a single casting.

MKS AR-2 pedals

Bottom view