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Mavic was started in 1890, the first products being bicycle mud guards. In 1920, the firm was purchased by Henri Gourmand, who began making rims out of aluminum, still Mavic's iconic product. In 1978 Mavic was making 4,000 rims a day, estimated to be 65 percent of the world market.

In 1977 Mavic began making hubs and from there branched into other components, including brakes, bottom brackets, cranksets and pedals. Many of the parts demonstrated striking originality and brilliant design. The pedals below are an example of Mavic's innovative approach to component design.

Mavic 646 LMS adjustable-float pedals (without cleats). Sold out. None in stock.

We have left this pedal post up for those looking for information on this interesting pedal.

Introduced in 1990, this Look-compatible pedal was made in partnership with the Look company.

We believe this is Mavic's explanation of the brilliant 646 pedal:

The 646 pedals are the Mavic implementation of the original LOOK clipless pedal system. They use the same LOOK mechanism found in the LOOK pedals. The virtue of the Mavic pedal is that it permits lateral rotation of the foot by up to five degrees both left and right.

This movement is adjusted and then fixed in either direction by use of indexed adjustments on the bottom of the pedal. This system permits you to choose, based on your own riding experience, how much you want the pedal to rotate left or right, and set the pedal permitting just that degree of movement on an ongoing basis.

You can, at any time in the future, readjust the pedals should your ankle or knee obligate further adjustments. Mavic achieves this by using an internal rotating cam that is fixed to the adjusting dial at the pedal bottom.

The Mavic 646 pedals come only with a pair of the LOOK fixed Black cleats because the Red ARC cleat, with its rotational capability, is unnecessary with the Mavic rotational adjustment.

Mavic 646 pedals

The two screws that you can see on the right pedal adjust the float. The amount of right and left float can be set independently of each other. Cleats are not included at this price, but we have them in stock if you need a pair.