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Time Pedal parts on this page: Right Century pedal body | Left Century pedal body | Century pedal cap | Impact Protection bar | Time Sport TBT right pedal bodies | TBT old style cap spring | TBT axles with bearings | TBT cartridge bearing | TBT water seal | TBT waterproof washer | TBT inside Circlip | TBT outside Circlip | TBT old style pedal cap | TBT Equipe Pro pedal cap

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Time Sport International was started in 1987 by Jean Beyl, formerly of Look, and his son-in-law Roland Cattin, in Isère, France. Beyl was also the founder of Look, maker of the first truly successful clipless pedal. It was Beyl who understood that modern clipless pedals (including his own Look products) did not allow the foot to rotate laterally through the pedal stroke and that this could cause tendinitis.

The cleats used on quill pedals with toe clips and straps usually had enough slop to allow the foot to follow its natural tendency to twist a bit on the pedal. But the extraordinarily popular Look clipless pedals did not have that rotational freedom, now called "float". For those riders who needed float (and not all riders do), using a pedal that locked the foot in one rotational position caused knee and ankle problems.

Beyl could not convince Look's management to solve this problem and left the company to form Time with Cattin.

In 1988 Time introduced the TBT pedal. The TBT had float with a spring mechanism that would tend to re-center the foot. The pedal was a hit. Soon thereafter, Look introduced cleats that also had float. Now all high-end clipless pedals now have some sort of float availability.

Time also makes excellent shoes and we have more than a few in stock. You can find them here.

In 1993 Time branched out to carbon-fiber frames and forks, which are also highly regarded and have been used to great success in professional racing.

Time right Century pedal body. New, $50.00

Part# 65136

Right Century pedal body

Time left Century pedal body. New, $50.00

Part# 65135

Left century body

Time Century pedal cap. New, $20.00

Part# 65133

Century pedal cap

Time Impact pedal protection bar. New, $8.00 each

Part# 65059

These can pull out. But we still have a few in stock to get your Time Impact pedals back on the road.

Time Inmpact protection bar

Time Sport TBT right pedal bodies. Used, $25.00/each

Time sport pedal bodies

Time TBT old style cap spring. New, $10.00/each

Part# 65056

Pedal cap spring

Time TBT pedal axles with bearings. New, $35.00/each

We have one right and one left axle set.

Time TBT axle set with bearings

Time TBT pedal cartridge bearing. New, $25.00/each

Part# 65052

Time TBT pedal cartridge nearings

Time TBT pedal water seal. New, $5.00/each.

Part# 65051

We have 12 in stock.

Time TBT water seal

Time TBT pedal waterproof washer. New, $5.00/each one

Part# 65050

We have 11 in stock

Time Waterporrof washer

Here are the washers

TBT circlip and washer

Here is a Circlip (the part posted just below) and the waterproof washer.

Time TBT pedal inside Circlip (C-Clip or Seeger ring). New, $5.00 each one

Part# 65053

TBT circlip

Here are the circlips

TBT circlip and waterproof washer

Here is a circlip and a waterproof washer, the part listed just above.

Time TBT pedal outside Circlip (C-Clip or Seeger ring). New, $5.00 each

Part# 65054

TBT outside circlips

Time TBT old style pedal cap. New, $15.00

Part# 65134

We have four in stock.

TBT pedal cap

Time TBT Equipe Pro pedal cap. New, $15.00/each

Part# 65060

We have four in stock

Time Equipe Pro pedal cap

The Time TBT Equipe Pro pedal Caps

Time TBT Equipe Pro Pedal caps

Here's a detail shot.