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Time Sport International was started in 1987 by Jean Beyl, formerly of Look, and his son-in-law Roland Cattin, in Isère, France. Beyl was also the founder of Look, maker of the first truly successful clipless pedal. It was Beyl who understood that modern clipless pedals (including his own Look products) did not allow the foot to rotate laterally through the pedal stroke and that this could cause tendinitis.

The cleats used on quill pedals with toe clips and straps usually had enough slop to allow the foot to follow its natural tendency to twist a bit on the pedal. But the extraordinarily popular Look clipless pedals did not have that rotational freedom, now called "float". For those riders who needed float (and not all riders do), using a pedal that locked the foot in one rotational position caused knee and ankle problems.

Beyl could not convince Look's management to solve this problem and left the company to form Time with Cattin.

In 1988 Time introduced the TBT pedal. The TBT had float with a spring mechanism that would tend to re-center the foot. The pedal was a hit. Soon thereafter, Look introduced cleats that also had float. Now all high-end clipless pedals now have some sort of float availability.

Time also makes excellent shoes and we have more than a few in stock. You can find them here.

In 1993 Time branched out to carbon-fiber frames and forks, which are also highly regarded and have been used to great success in professional racing.

Time Xpresso 2 road pedals. New, $80.00

Part# 65158

Here's what Time said about the Xpresso 2: "The Xpresso 2 offers all the technologies from the rest of Xpresso line at an affordable price. The large platform, low stack height and adjustable carbon blade tension make this a great pedal for all cyclists looking for pedaling comfort and efficiency without the cost. If you're new to clipless pedals or have ever struggle to clip in to your pedals, you'll love the IClic systems which pre-opens the pedals making it very easy to clip into."

Xpresso 2 pedals

New, in the box. And very reasonably priced.

Time Xpresso 8 carbon road pedals. New, $250.00

Part# 65152

  • Big 700 square mm surface area for foot support.
  • Hollow steel axle
  • Carbon fiber body with metal top plate for long wear.
  • Uses the IClic system which offers hassle-free, easy and confident clip in

Xpresso 8 pedals

Just 195 grams!

Time Xen Carbon road pedals. New, $125.00

Part# 65163

We have two pair in stock

  • There is both lateral and angular float adjustment
  • Lateral off-set adjustment to find your perfect Q-factor.
  • Chrome steel axle
  • Needle bearings
  • Carbon reinforced composite body
  • Release angle: 15 degrees
  • Weight: 312 grams/pair

Time Xen carbon pedals

New, in the box.

Xen carbon pedals

With cleats and directions

Time TBT-Titanium-Mag pedal set. Used, $100.00

  • The axle is 6AL/4V titianium and the body is made from Magnesium alloy.
  • Introduced in 1994
  • Suggested retail in 1994 was $295.00. Adjusting for inflation, that would be $500.00 in today's dollars!
  • Cleats not included

At the time of its production, this might well have been the finest, best-working pedal in the world. And today, it can still hold its own against other pedals.

Time TBT Ti Mag

The dark gun-grey color of the pedal axles gives away the fact that they are Titanium. The pedal body is magnesium alloy.

Time Equipe Pro pedal set, Team Banesto model. Used, $60.00

  • Magnesium body, Cromoly axle
  • Cleats are NOT included.
  • Introduced in 1994

Time Equipe pro pedal set

Used, but with many competitive miles left in them

Time Equipe pro pedals

Top view

Time Equipe pro pedals

Another angle from the top

Time Equipe Pro pedals

And, as you can see, these are Equipe Pro Magnesium pedals as made for the Banesto pro team.

TBT Equipe pro pedals

Here's the pedal bottoms.

Time Equipe Pro yellow pedal set. Used, $125.00

Part# 65117

  • Magnesium body, Cromoly axle
  • Cleats are NOT included.
  • Introduced in 1994

Time Equipe pro pedals set

In terrific condition. Ready for your bike.

Time TBT Sport pedal set. Used, $50.00

  • The entry-level model of the TBT line
  • Alloy Body
  • Cromoly steel axle
  • Cleats not included
  • The spindle and bearings are the same as used by the higher-end Time TBT pedals.

TBT Sport pedals

Time Impact-S pedals.

We have three pair: Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3

Time Impact-S pedals set 1. Used, $100.00

Impact-S used pedal set

Used, but in great condition

Time Impact S pedals

From the bottom. A beautifully simple, well-designed pedal

Time Impact-S pedals set 2. Used, $80.00

Time Impact pedals

Still in wonderful condition

Impact pedals

The pedals flipped over

Time Impact-S pedals set 3. Used, $35.00

Time Impact pedals

The paint is scratched, but the pedals still work well.

Time Impact pedals

The pedal bottoms

Time Impact pedals

Side view

Time Mid 57 pedals set. New, $100.00

Part# 65121

New, with cleats

Time Mid 57 pedal set

New, with Time workmanship and engineering, for only $100.00

Time TBT 50.1 Racing pedals. Used, $50.00

Important note: While the left pedal has a "Titan Magnesium" back plate, it is a 50.1 Racing pedal with a steel axle.

  • These were produced in the late 1980s.
  • Cleats are not included

TBT 50.1 racing pedals

Steel axles in both pedals.

Time Action TWT Road pedals. Used, $125.00

Part# 65111

These road pedals use the TWT recessed cleat, permitting walking while wearing cycling shoes.

Time Action pedals

We believe these were produced in the mid-1990s.

Time Century TWT pedals. Used, $100.00

Cleats are not included, but we do have them in stock if you need them.

We have three pair: #1 | #2 | #3

Time Century TWT pedals set # 1. Used, $100

Time Century pedals

Lots of miles left in these pedals.

Time Century pedals

Another shot, with the pedals flipped over.

Time Century TWT pedals set # 2. Used, $100

Time Century TBT pedals

Here's one view

Time Century pedals

And here they are flipped over.

Time Century TWT pedals set #3. Used, $75

Time Century pedals

From behind

Time Century pedals

The undersides

Time Century pedals

Top view

Time pedals

And a top-front view.

Time Axion pedals. New, $100.00

Part# 65131

We have two pair in stock.

  • Axion pedals make excellent touring pedals
  • They have an easy entry & release
  • Aluminm body, Steel axle.
  • Angular float: +/- 5 degrees
  • Lateral float: 6mm
  • Approximate weight: 430 grams/pair

Time Axion pedals

Note, these pedals are single-sided

Axion pedals

New, in the box

Time Axion road pedals. Used, $60.00

Time Axion used