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Vintage Components - Campagnolo Road Pedals

Pedals on this page: Record Strada Superleggeri pedals (black cage) | Super Record Ti left pedal | Gran Sport road pedals

Pedal parts: Toe clip mounting bolt set | Nuovo/Super Record cones | Nuovo/Super Record press-in bearing cups

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Campagnolo Record Strada Superleggeri (black) pedals (Campagnolo part no. 1037/a) late 1970s with damaged cage. used. $60.00/set

Part# PD-12-02

Campagnolo introduced its light alloy Record Superlight ("Superleggeri" in Italian, or often known as "SL") pedals in 1971 and produced them through 1987. With their black anodized aluminum cages, they were usually called "Campy Blacks".

Campagnolo pedals with black alloy cages and steel spindles, like this pair, are not "Super Record". Super Record pedals, made about the same time, have titanium axles. Heightening the confusion, steel-axled SL pedals and steel bottom brackets (instead of titanium) were often included in "Reduced Super Record Groups". Using steel-axled pedals added just 150 grams to the group and significantly reduced the group's price.

About these pedals:

  • The right pedal has a piece missing on the outside part. The left pedal has an MKS dust cover.
  • We've touched up places where the black anodization has worn off with black paint.
  • The bearings feel great.

Campagnolo SL pedals

These pedals will function perfectly, even with the piece missing from the outside cage.

Top front

From the ends

Campagnolo SL pedals

From the bottom

Campagnolo SL pedals

From the bottom-front

Campagnolo Super Record Titanium left pedal. Used, $200

Campagnolo part# 4021

  • Produced from 1974 into the 1980s.
  • This lightly-used pedal has a titanium spindle
  • Another difference from the steel axle Campagnolo pedals: The Super Record Ti pedals use 1/8" ball bearings and the steel axled pedals have 3/32" bearings.

Super Record left pedal

Note the grey color of the pedal axle, that's the color of Titanium.

Campagnolo Gran Sport pedals. Used $100

Part# PD-15-01

Campagnolo part number 3700

Campagnolo produced this economical, but excellent, pedal set from the mid-1970s into the early 1980s. The Gran Sport group, which sat below Nuovo Record, was replaced in 1984-85 with the Victory and Triomphe groups.

The pair of pedals weighs about 330 grams. Like the classic Record black superlight, they have aluminum cages and lightweight plastic dust covers.

Campagnolo Gran Sport pedals

You can spot a set of Campagnolo pedals from a mile away.

Campagnolo Gran Sport pedals

From the other side.

Campagnolo Gran Sport pedals

Bottom view. They are in great condition with the exception of a little chrome coming off one dust cover. Because the cover is plastic, it will not rust.

Campagnolo Super Record/Nuovo Record toe clip mounting bolt set. New, $20.00

Campagnolo parts# 676 & 677

Toe clip mounting nuts and bolts

Campagnolo Nuovo/Super Record pedal cones. New, $20.00/each

Part# 65020

We have two in stock

ampagnolo pedal cones

Campagnolo Nuovo/Super Record pedal press-in bearing cups. New, $20.00/each

Part# 65021

We have two in stock

Bearing cups