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Cycle Components - Slotted Cleats for pedals with toe clips and straps

Slotted cleats on this page: In-line 2-hole single cleat | In-line 2-hole yellow slotted cleats | Duegi #306 1-bolt | Pavarin nylon 2-hole | 3-hole slotted nylon | Unusual 2-hole cleats | Specialized 2/3-hole cleats | Vittoria 2-hole black, used | Time slotted cleats for toe clips & straps

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In-line 2-hole slotted cleat. New, $10.00

This is a single cleat.

Single cleat

In-Line 2-hole slotted yellow cleats. New, $25.00/set

Yellow slotted cleats

These cleats come with their mounting bolts.

Yellow slotted cleats

For a better look, just the cleats in this picture.

Duegi #306 1-bolt slotted cleats with mounting hardware & wrench. New, $35.00/set

Part# 22851

  • Though new, these cleats have a touch of shopwear.

Duegi cleats

Pavarin 2-hole nylon slotted cleats. New, $20.00

Part# 22850

  • The holes are 9mm apart, center-to-center.

Pavarin nylon toe clips

The cleats with their parts bag.

Pavarin cleats

Here are just the cleats with their hardware.

3-Hole slotted nylon cleats. New, $25.00

  • Lots of different mounting hardware for different kinds of shoes.
  • On these cleats, the two lower side-by-side slots are 8mm apart, center-to-center.

Nylon slotted cleats

Unusual 2-hole cleats. New, $25.00/set

2-hole cleats

With the mounting screws.

Unusual cleats

We don't know who made these.

2-hole cleats

The have a raised surface meant to fit in a slot in a shoe sole.

Specialized 2/3-hole cleats. New, $25.00/set

Specialized cleats

With the mounting bolts

Specialized cleats

Here are just the cleats.

Specialized cleats

Here's one of the cleats turned over. You can see a pin designed to fit in a hole molded in a Specialized sole.

Vittoria 2-hole black cleats. Used, $10.00

Vittoria 2-hole cleats

Time slotted cleats for using toe clips & straps. New

Time Toeclip cleats

Cleats for riding the way it used to be done.

Time Cleat

The other side of the cleat

Time Toeclip cleat

Here's another look at the side of the cleats that interface with the shoe.