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Components - Shimano pedals

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Shimano quill & platform pedals:
Deore LX w/clips & straps | Adamas AX | Deore AX | PD-100 platform | PD-T100 platform

Shimano clipless pedals: Shimano SPD-SL R540 | Deore M424 SPD | PD M515 SPD | Deore PD-M520 SPD | Deore M-525 SPD | PD-M535 SPD | M540 SPD | PD-M545 SPD | DX PD-M636 SPD | Deore XT M737 SPD | SPD-compatible pedals

Shimano pedal cleats are posted here.
Shimano Aero pedals are posted here.

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Shimano Deore LX pedals with Specialized medium clips & Wellgo toe straps. Used, $50.00/set

Deore LX pedals

Ready to go for a ride.

Shimano Deore LX pedals

From behind

Shimano Deore LX pedal set

The pedal bottoms

Deore LX pedals set


Shimano Deore LX pedal

From the other side

Shimano Adamas AX pedal set. Used, $55.00

  • A rare pedal, produced in 1982-83
  • Shimano part# PD-AD10
  • Made for touring-minded riders

Adamas AX pedals

9/16" pedal axles

Adamas AX pedals

Pedal bottoms

Shimano Deore AX (Dyna-Drive) pedals. used $90.00

Part# PD-70

During the 1980s Shimano was a fearless innovator and marketer. The company was devoted to increasing rider efficiency and stability. One results was the AX component series. The pedals had a very short axle. That change allowed Shimano to lower the pedal platform. The rider could then use a smaller frame and have a lower profile. He was more stable and enjoyed lower wind resistance.

The pedals used a big 1" x 24 tpi axle and required a special crankset that accepted the larger diameter pedal axle. The market did not embrace this innovation and Shimano discontinued the design around 1983.

The Deore group was made 1980-1983 and was specifically designed for touring.

Shimano Deore AX pedals

Top view. The right pedal does not have a reflector.

Shimano Deore AX pedals

Bottom view

Left pedal

The left pedal does not have its outboard bearing seal.

Shimano PD-100 Platform Pedals with half clip. Used, $40.00

  • We believe these were produced in the mid to late 1980s.
  • These are great pedals for kids on a child stoker kit on a tandem. With smaller feet growing quickly, few folks indulge in true cycling shoes. With these pedals, street shoes are given a broad platform to disperse the pressure of the pedal cage.

PD 100 platform pedals

In terrific condition

Shimano PD-100 pltform pedals

The same pedals flipped around

Shimano PD-100 pedals

From behind

PD-100 shimano platform pedals

And here are the pedals' undersides.

Shimano PD-T100 Platform Pedals with Toe Clips & Straps. Used

We believe these were produced in the late 1980s

We have two sets: #1 | #2

Shimano PD-T100 Platform Pedals with Toe Clips & Straps set #1. Used, $45.00

Shimano PDT 100 pedals

With clips and straps, ready to ride.

Shimano PDT-100 pedals

Side view

Shimano pedals

The same pedals flipped around

Pedal bottoms

The pedals bottoms

Shimano PD-T100 Platform Pedals with Toe Clips & Straps set #2. Used, $45.00

Shimano PT-T100 pedals

From behind

PD-T100 pedals

Front view

PDT-100 pedals

Side view

PD-T100 pedals

And the pedal bottoms

Shimano SPD-SL R540 pedals. Used, $50.00

  • These pedals used the Shimano SP-SL cleat, which look a lot like the Look Delta cleat, but it is NOT interchangeable with Look.
  • The pedal body is aluminum and the axle is chromoly steel.
  • Cleat release tension is adjustable
  • Cleats not included

Shimano said this about these pedals: "Bring race-proven performance home with the Shimano PD-R540 pedal. Featuring the same stable cleat platform, low stack height, and cornering clearance that you'll find on the Dura Ace and Ultegra pedals from Shimano, the PD-R540 offers high end performance at a reasonable price.

"The Shimano R540 SPD-SL feature design proves in Pro Tour racing as well for the daily commuter. The extra-wide platforms, wide bearing placements, adjustable entry bindings and low profile designs transfers your power directly to the pedals.

"Connecting to your bike like never before with the SPD-SL interface. SPD-SL pedals guarantee a reliable and efficient connection between you and the bike. A wide platform offers maximum power transfer and comfort.

"The adjustable tension design is there for the rider's comfort of clipping in and out of the pedal with complete confidence and ease. Release is as simple and straightforward as always, just twist in or out, and the tension adjustment offers an impressively broad range."

Shimano SPD SL pedals

Shimano Deore M424 SPD pedals. Used, $25.00

We have two pair: with resin outer cage | without resin cage

Deore M424 pedals with resin outer cage. Used, $25.00

  • Chromoly spindle, resin cage
  • Adjustable cleat tension
  • "Pop-up” mechanism tilts the binding at a 12.5º angle for easy and fast entry

Deore M424

Moderately used

Shimano pedals

Another view

Deore M424 pedals without resin outer cage. Used, $25.00

  • Adjustable cleat tension
  • "Pop-up” mechanism tilts the binding at a 12.5º angle for easy and fast entry

Deore SPD pedals

Shimano PD-M515 SPD clipless pedals. Used, $20.00

M515 used pair

Here's an inexpensive, used pair to get you riding.

Shimano Deore PD-M520 SPD pedals. Used

We have three sets: #1 | #2 | #3 | a single left 520 | one suitable for parts

  • Compact body design with open binding for easy-entry
  • Better mud and debris shedding than any pedal in its class
  • Customize the entry and release tension settings
  • Chrome-moly spindle and low-maintenance sealed bearing cartridge axle

Deore PD-M520 pedal set #1. Used, $25.00

Deore spd pedals

Deore PD-M520 pedal set #2. Used, $25.00

Shimano spd pedals

Deore PD-M520 pedal set #3. Used, $25.00

Shimano Deore pedals

Deore PD-M520 left pedal. Used, $10.00

Shimano 520 left pedal

Just need a left? Here it is.

Deore PD-M520 used pedal suitable for parts. Use, $10.00

Pedal for parts

Shimano Deore M-525 SPD pedals. Used, $30.00

  • Double-sided
  • Marketed by Shimano for use with Deore DX & LX groups
  • Pedal body is cast aluminum
  • Spindle is forged chromoly steel

Deore M525 pedals

Shimano PD-M535 SPD pedals. Used

  • Double-sided

We have three pair: #1 | #2 | #3

Shimano PD-M535 SPD pedal set #1. Used, $30.00

M535 pedals

Shimano PD-M535 SPD pedal set #2. Used, $30.00

Shimano M535 pedals

Shimano PD-M535 SPD pedal set #3. Used, $30.00

Shimano SPD pedals

Shimano M540 SPD pedals. Used, $35.00

  • Double-sided
  • Chromoly spindles
  • Aluminum body
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • Adjustable tension
  • Requires 8mm Allen key for installation

SPD m540 pedals

Shimano PD-M545 SPD pedals. Used, $45.00

  • Chromoly steel axle
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • 5 degrees of float
  • Large alloy cages for non-cleated shoes
  • Adjustable cleat tension

PD-m545 pedals

These pedals work for cleated or uncleated shoes.

Shimano DX PD-M636 SPD pedals. Used, $50.00

We have three pair: #1 | #2 | #3

DX PD-M636 black pedal set, #1. Used, $50.00

DX pedals

DX PD-M636 grey pedal set, #2. Used, $50.00

DX pedals

DX PD-M636 red pedal set, #3. Used, $50.00

DX pedals

Shimano Deore XT M737 SPD pedals. Used, $50.00

  • Double-sided

Deore XT pedals

They are used, but they have a lot of fun left in them.

Deore XT pedals

Another view

SPD-compatible pedals. Used, $30.00

  • These will get you on the road without breaking the bank.
  • Cleats not included.
  • Chromoly spindle
  • Cleat tension adjustment on back of pedal
  • We don't know who made these, but since they are SPD compatible, the Shimano pedal page seemed the right home for them.

SPD pedals