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Vintage Components - SunTour pedals

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Suntour could trace its origins to 1912, when the then-named Maeda Iron Works began making bicycle sprockets and then freewheels.

Suntour's business really took off with its introduction of the slant parallelogram rear derailleur in 1964. This innovation, upon which all modern derailleurs are based, allowed the derailleur to maintain a constant distance from the sprockets and vastly improved shifting.

Suntour thrived and expanded, eventually producing complete groups, all well-designed and beautifully made. But upon the expiration of Suntour's slant-parallelogram derailleur patent, arch-competitor Shimano, adopting this design, became a relentless and dominating force in bicycle components, crushing the weaker Suntour company.

In 1988, the now-struggling Suntour company was purchased by the a Taiwan firm and by 1993, once-dominant Suntour owned only five percent of the U.S. market.

SunTour Superbe Pro pedal set. Used, $100.00

SunTour part# PL-SB00

  • Produced 1990-1994
  • Sealed cartridge bearings
  • Alloy body and replaceable alloy cages

We have three sets: #1 | #2 | #3

SunTour Superbe Pro pedal set #1. Used, $100.00

SunTour Superbe pPro pedal set

Beautifully made, with only light use.

SunTour Superbe Pro pedal set #2. Used, $100.00

SunTour Superpe pro pedals

In lovely condition

Superbe Pro pedals

Though used, they have been cared for.

SunTour Superbe pro pedals

The cages are replaceable

SunTour pedals

The bottoms. the original owner engraved his name and ID

SunTour Superbe Pro pedal set #3. Used, $100.00

SunTour Superbe pedals

Lightly used

SunTour Superbe pedals

Side view

SunTour Superbe pedals

The same pedals flipped around

SunTour Superbe pedals

Here are the peda bottoms. Theprevious owner had enscribed ID nfo, which we have blurred.

Suntour Superbe light alloy quill pedals. used $70.00

Part# PD-81

Suntour produced these sealed-bearing pedals in the early 1980s. They were made by MKS in Japan for Suntour. The cages are removable and can be replaced with either track or road/quill cages. The bodies are the same. Weight is around 300 grams/pair.

Suntour Superbe pedals

A wonderfully updated version of the classic quill pedal, light and good-looking.

Suntour pedals

Pedal bottoms. There is some rust and some plating gone from the right pedal axle.

pedal sides

Close-up of the right pedal.

Suntour XC-2 MTB/BMX, 9/16" axle pedals, used. $75.00

Suntour released the XC-1 version of these pedals in 1981. The XC-1 was an immediate hit, but this version had very sharp teeth, designed to grab the rider's soles. The teeth were so sharp that after a couple of months, a redesigned version, called the XC-2, with blunter, safer teeth replaced the original version. That is what we have here, the safer XC-2 pedal, probably made in 1982 or 1983.

Though it was originally designed for mountain biking, BMX riders immediately fell in love with the Suntour XC pedal. The wide platform, sealed bearings and replaceable cages made them the go-to pedals for the 20-inch dirt set. The XC pedal is a great off-road pedal, whether your bike has 20 or 26-inch wheels.

The XC-2 is completely rebuildable. Suntour sold replacement cages, bearings and axles.

Important note: These pedals have 9/16" axles, not 1/2"

  • They are missing their dust caps

SunTour XC-2 pedals

Top view

SunTour pedals

Another view