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Ambrosio Rims

Ambrosio rims on this page: CC20 26" purple rims

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Ambrosio is an old Italian company, founded in 1923 by brothers Giovanni and Giuseppe Ambrosio. Their Turin factory made steel bars, stems and rims. In the 1930s the firm became the first Italian company to make aluminum bars and stems. By the late 1930s they had figured out how to make reliable aluminum rims. The great Fausto Coppi switched from wood rims to Ambrosio's alloy product.

By the early 1960s, the second generation of the Ambrosio family had mismanaged the firm into the ground. It was broke and had ceased production.

Sergio Marzorati, whose family had been making rims in Milan since 1932, took over the firm and re-launched the company. He was extraordinarily successful. The company's rims and wheels are highly regarded (Francesco Moser set his World Hour Record on Ambrosio disc wheels) and are sold throughout the world.

Ambrosio CC20 26" purple rims. New, $80.00/each

28-hole: Part# 51458, two in stock

32-hole: Part# 51459, 8 in stock

  • These are lightweight, narrow ATB rims, perfect for that high-performance set of wheels.
  • They are pinned (the method of securing the the ends of the rims), double-walled, with eyelets.

Ambrosio CC20 rims

We have this rim in 28 and 32-hole drillings.

Nischiki bike

And here's a bike we equipped with CC20s. It is for sale on our site.