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FiR Rims

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FiR (Fabrica Italiano Ruota) was started by the Arrigoni brothers in 1952 or 1953 in Botiere (Province of Bergamo, Italy). To the best of our knowledge the factory closed on November of 2006. It appears that a new firm operating under the FiR name is currently producing wheel FiR-brand product, but we know nothing about them.

In the late 1980s the firm designed and sold some beautiful FiR components that (it is believed) Campagnolo manufactured.

The firm's greatest success in cycling competition was in 1994 when Tony Rominger used FIR disc wheels to set the World Hour Record (first 53.382 km and then 55.291 km) and in 1995 When Rominger used FiR rims in winning the Giro d'Italia.

Colnago with FiR rims

Here's a late 1980s Colnago with FiR three and five-spoke carbon wheels.