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Velocity bicycle Rims

Velocity rims on this page: Dyad 700c x 40-hole | Fusion 700c x 28-hole

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Velocity was started in Brisbane Australia in 1989 by Tom Black. In 2012 the firm closed the Australian factory and moved everything to the U.S. The company settled first in Jacksonville, Florida and then later moved to Michigan.

Velocity Dyad 700c x 40-hole rim. New, $105.00/each

Part# 51697

We have two in stock.

Velocity Dyad rim

Side view

Velocity rim

The rim decal

Velocity Dyand Rim

This rim is a product of the firm's Australian production

Velocity Fusion 700c x 28-hole rim. New, $105.00/each

Part# 51696

We have two in stock.

Velocity Fusion rim

Side view

Rim decal

Close-up of the rim at the decal.

Velocity rim

This rim is made in Australia