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Mavic Vintage Rims

Mavic rims on this page: MA-40 700c 36-hole | MA40 700c 32-hole | Open Pro 650c 32-hole CD | Mod E2 700c 36-hole clincher | Sport tubular 36-hole | 36-hole tubular rim

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What is now Mavic was started in the late 19th century as a maker of bicycle components. Charles Idoux & Lucien Chanel began making bicycle parts in 1889. They called their company "Manufacture d'Articles Vélocipédiques Idoux et Chanel". Obviously Mavic is much easier to say.

It was in 1934 that Mavic hit its stride when they began making aluminum bicycle rims. The Tour de France initially forbade their use, Tour boss Henri Desgrange felt they were unsafe compared to wooden rims. Antonin Magne won his second Tour in 1934 using Mavic rims that were painted to look like ones of wood.

In 1975 Mavic began producing the revolutionary Module E, made with a real hook on the bead. This gave the Michelin Elan and other high-pressure tires a more secure seat and almost eliminated tire blow-offs.

Mavic introduced their own component groupset in 1979. The rear derailleurs were beautifully well-made and had an interesting difference. All the derailleur pivot pins were held in place with removable circlips. The derailleurs could be completely disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt. Broken or worn parts, even of the parallelogram, could be replaced.

Mavic MA-40 700C x 36 hole rim. New, $300.00/each

Part# 51551

  • This rims weighs 460 grams
  • Stainless steel double eyelets
  • Hard anodized
  • Produced mid-1980s - 1999

Mavic MA-40 rim

Still new and beautiful after all these years.

Mavic MA40 rim


Mavic MA40 700c x 32-hole rim. Lightly used, $175.00/each

  • This rims weighs 470 grams
  • External width 20.5mm, Internal width 13.5mm (between the lips, not at the bottom).

Mavic MA-40 rim

Side view

Mavic MA40 rim

Close-up of the rim labels

MA40 rim sidewall

The rim sidewall

Mavic MA40 rim

Scratch on the rim sidewall

Mavic MA40 rim

Looking in the rim at the valve stem hole

Mavic Open Pro 650c 32-hole CD (hard anodized) rim. New, $90.00/each

Part# 51518

  • This rim weighs 390 grams.
  • We have three in stock.
  • Stainless steel double eyelets

Mavic Open Pro 650c rim

Here's the rim.

Open Pro CD

Here are the rim labels.

Mavic open Pro rim

Looking in the rim at the valve hole. The stainless steel double eyelets are are nice feature.

Mavic Module E2 700c 36-hole clincher rim. Used, $75.00/each

  • Factory weight given for this rim is 430 grams.
  • This rim was produced from 1979 until sometime in the 1980s.
  • This rim no longer has its label.

Mavic Mod e2 rim

Side view of the rim.

Mavic mod e2 rim

Here's the rim joint, which Mavic has always done very well.

Looking in the rim at the valve hole.

Mavic Sport 36-hole Red Label Tubular Rim. Used, $45.00/each

  • We are comfortable that these are Mavic Sport tubular rims from the 1970s, but we are not absolutely sure.
  • These rims are not ferruled and require washers, which will be supplied with the rims
  • These rims weigh 340 grams each.
  • We have two in stock.

Mavic Sport rims

Here are the rims.

Mavic Sport rims

Looking down on the rims,

Mavic rims

The decades-old Mavic stickers.

Mavic(?) 36-hole tubular rim. Used, $45.00/each

  • We cannot nail down the maker of these rims for sure. To us, given the shape of the rims and ferrules, they are probably Mavic rims from the 1960s. No matter who the maker is, they would not have been made any later that 1968 because the valve stem decals say "S.G.D.G", an abbreviation for "Breveté Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement" (patent without government guarantees). It was a form of patent that ended in 1968.
  • We have two of these rims in stock.
  • These rims weigh 390 grams each.

Mavic sew-up rim

Here are the rims.

Mavic rims

The only labels the rims have. The decals have "S.G.D.G.", meaning they were made no later than 1968.

Mavic tubular rims

Looking down on the rims. You can see that they are in great condition