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Laprade-design Seat Posts

Laprade-design seatposts on this page: With black head 26.0 | Silver 26.0

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Instead of the beautiful, yet complex and difficult to mount Campagnolo two-bolt post, the Laprade design (patented in 1979) quickly became the most popular seat post design. It was initially licensed by SR in the early 1980s. The single-bolt saddle cradle allowed for easy mounting and very precise setting of the saddle angle. Very quickly the SR-Laprade seat post was original equipment on a wide range of bicycles.

Soon, many others were making posts with the Laprade design. More than a few were OEM (original equipment manufacturer) that were made just for bike factories, and have no logo. We have these anonymous, but well-made seat posts posted here.

Laprade-design silver 26.0mm post with black head. Used, $25.00

300mm long

Laprade style seat post

Simple design

Laprade seat post

From the front

Laprade seat post

And from the other side

Laprade-design silver 26.0mm post. Used, $25.00

Silver seat post

Side view

Seat post

And the other side

Silver seat post

And the front