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Race Face seat posts

On this page: Race Face seatposts: 31.6mm x 300mm Revolution

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Race Face 31.6mm x 300mm Revolution black seat post. New, $65.00/each

Part# 41250 posted this short review about the Race Face Revolution post:

"Race Face’s seatpost design looks complex but it’s simple to use. You clamp your saddle rails into the head, then move the cantilevered collar until you’re happy with the tilt before tightening it in place.

"With our 27.2mm diameter/350mm length version hitting the scales at 218g, it’s light for an aluminium post too. The tube is triple butted to keep material only where it’s needed, while the head, which is laid back 17mm from the centre, takes 7mm rails – the round kind."

Race Race seat post

New, in the box.

Race Face Revolution seat post

Side view

Race Face Revolution seat post

Here's the other side of the post.

Race Face seat post

From behind. The sliding ring on the polished part of the post controls the saddle angle. Set the angle and tighten the bolt on the ring.

Race Face Revolution seat post

A close-up of the saddle angle-setting mechanism.

The back of the saddle clamp. It's easy to see from this angle how the sliding ring is tightened on the post.

Race Face seat post

The top of the post