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SRAM shift levers

SRAM shift levers & parts on this page: ESP 9.0 Shorty 8-speed mountain shifter set | ESP 9.0/9.0SL Plasma Gripshift covers | HalfPipe 9.0/9.0SL Stationary Grips

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SRAM Corporation was started in 1987 and over the years has aquired some of cycling's most famous component makers, including RockShox, Avid, Time and Sachs.

SRAM ESP 9.0 Shorty 8-speed Mountain Bike Shifters. New, $80.00/set

Part# 70310

SRAM Shorty shifters

Here's the set.

SRAM mountain shifters

From a different angle

SAM mountain bike shifters

Here's the box with more info.

SRAM ESP 9.0/9.0SL Plasma Gripshift covers. New, $20.00/set

SRAM ESP Plasma shift covers

SRAM HalfPipe 9.0/9.0SL Stationary Grips. New, $10.00/each

Perfect for the shorter length of exposed bar when Grip Shifters are used.

SRAM Halfpipe grip