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Zeus shift levers

Zeus shift levers on this page: New Racer braze-on friction levers

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Zeus was a Spanish bicycle and component maker with a long history. Founded in 1926, the company was headquartered in Eibar, northeast Spain, in bike-mad Basque country. Zeus was one of the few companies to make both bikes and components.

Zeus parts were produced in a wide performance range, from reasonably inexpensive parts to the most exotic. Some were shameless copies of Campagnolo parts and others showed striking design originality. All of it was, however, truly well-made.

The Zeus factory failed sometime in the late 1980s, yet another European victim of Asian competition. The name was acquired by Spanish bike company Orbea, which still makes some Zeus parts.

Zeus New Racer braze-on friction shift levers. Used, $60.00/set

In 1980 Zeus replaced its Alpha line of parts with New Racer components. They were roughly the equivalent of Campagnolo Nuovo Record.

Zeus New Racer Shifters

The lever set

Zeus New Racer shifters

Here ae the levers flipped over

Zeus Nw Racer shifters

Side view