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Campagnolo downtube and fingertip (barcon) shift lever parts

Campagnolo shifter parts on this page: Shifter wing bolt w/convex cover | Shifter wing bolts w/covers | Shift lever adjusting barrel spring | 9-speed Synchro II & fingertip (barcon) internal cam
Also: Syncro cam chart. this will tell you which Syncro internal cam to use with what freewheel, derailleur and chain combination.

On other pages: Campagnolo Ergopower shift levers | Campagnolo downtube & fingertip shifters | Campagnolo front derailleurs | Campagnolo rear derailleurs | Campagnolo accessories & small parts

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Campagnolo shifter wing bolt with convex cover. Used.

ampagnolo Shifter wing bolt

Campagnolo Shifter wing bolts with covers. Used

Campagnolo Shifter wing bolts with covers

Shift lever adjusting barrel spring. New, $5.00

  • Campagnolo part# CASL-RE005
  • Both downtube and fingertip (barcon) shifters have come with barrel adjusters.

Shifter adjusting barrel spring

9-speed Synchro II & Fingertip (barcon) internal cam. New, $10.00

Campagnolo part# SL-RE219

Campagnolo shifter cam

Nice and new

Campagnolo barcon cam

End view

Campagnolo barcon 9-speed cam installation drawing

And here's how it goes in the lever.

Here's a chart to help you figure out what Syncro cam to use.

Syncro index chart