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Mavic shift levers

Mavic Shift levers on this page: 821 downtube shifter set

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What is now Mavic was started in the late 19th century as a maker of bicycle components. But it was in 1934 that Mavic hit its stride when they began making aluminum bicycle rims. The Tour de France initially forbade their use, Tour boss Henri Desgrange feeling that they were unsafe compared to wooden rims. Antonin Magne won his second Tour in 1934 using Mavic rims that were painted to look like ones of wood.

Mavic introduced their own component groupset in 1979. The rear derailleurs were beautifully well-made and had an interesting difference. All the derailleur pivot pins were held in place with removable circlips. The derailleurs could be completely disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt. Broken or worn parts, even of the parallelogram, could be replaced.

Mavic 821 downtube shifter set. Used, $150.00/set

  • According to the Sutherlands Manual, the right hand shifter of these levers are 6, 7 & 8 speed indexed when paired with the Mavic 840 series rear derailleurs.
  • The left hand lever was used with the ZMS 8000 electronic shifting group (ZAP) in the early 1990's.
  • Produced from the late 1980s into the early 1990s.

Mavic 821 shifter set

Side view

Mavic 821 shifter set

With their hardware for braze-on bosses.

Mavic 821 shifters

Here they are flipped over.

Mavic 821 shifters

The parts that go against the frame